New Construction

Post Construction, Remodel, & Rehab Cleaning Services  
Primarily this type cleaning is drywall dust…everywhere!
*Window cleaning – Post construction window/screen cleaning
– remove tape/stickers/drywall dust & mud/ varnish/paint
– clean window tracks/ screens clean & shine
* Ceramic Tile cleaning – Post construction
-remove tape residue / paint splatters/ clean grout/ wash/detail clean
*Hardwood Floor Cleaning – Post construction
-Vacuum with brush attachment hardwood floors to remove drywall dust from between boards
– Wash floors/ detail clean
– vacuum inside fireplace
– clean glass/both sides vacuum screen
– wipe down hearth
– mantle
– vacuum brick
  *Throughout entire area
– Light fixtures
– ceiling fans
– woodwork
– air return vents
– floor vents
– light switch plates
– outlet covers
* Kitchen – Laundry room


-light fixtures/ ceiling fans – detail clean
-Cabinets/ hardware/shelves – inside and outside – detail clean – hand wiped
-Counters/ sinks/ fixtures/back splash tile
-appliances walls dusted (optional)
-woodwork – detail clean
-doors/door casings/baseboards – detail clean
-floors – detail clean
-Light fixtures/ bulbs
-Tubs/showers/sink/toilet – debrais / dust / drywall mud/ tape residue/ mild scratches – clean/sanitize
-cabinets – inside outside – shelves
– Towels bars/toilet paper holder/light switches/ outlet covers
– woodwork/detail
*Living Room/ Family Room/ Bedrooms
-Light fixtures / ceiling fans
-built in cabinets – inside & outside