Estimates and Pricing
Estimates are free and easy!  Your choice… Over the phone or in person – The most accurate estimate is one where we stop by and do a walk-thru with you.  This gives us an opportunity to meet each other and have a visual of your property.  We can also do an over the phone estimate by going through a series of questions.  Either way, we will then prepare your customized estimate and e-mail it to you for review.   You let us know then if you would like us to add or remove any services and or would like to go ahead and schedule.  No hassle, no worries, it’s easy!

Pricing – Every home is as individual as the people who live within it.  Every office has its own unique set up and needs.  This being said, there is no “one price that fits all” even if you have the exact same house as your neighbor.  We work with you to customize a cleaning plan and schedule that will meet your cleaning needs and budget.  So, h
ow much does a cleaning cost?  It’s no secret!  We are upfront about our services and the rate we need to charge to remain a reputable service.  We’ll give it to you straight… no hassle.  We just need some information first in order to provide you with an estimate of approximate labor hours and associated costs.
Want a better idea of how much your cleaning will cost?  Take a few minutes to enter your name, email, and telephone number for your free no obligation estimate.  We’ll contact you within 24 business hours.


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We offer our clients this additional protection:
*Pre-employment screening for applicants -with the Orion Survey – we hire the people you would
*Background Check -completed by a professional company – only the good survive
*Workman’s Compensation Insurance for every employee…no worries for you – we have it covered!
*Liability Insurance …we don’t destroy homes, we clean them…but if something happens – it’s covered!
*We supply everything needed for cleaning: products, equipment, sanitized towels… everything….it’s included!
*Our own system for cleaning:  efficient, safe and thorough.  It works!
*Sustainable cleaning products; safe for people, pets and the environment
*Training and continued training for cleaning technicians – there’s always something to learn
*State & Federal withholding & reporting – We pay all state & federal agencies as required by law…
 no worries for you… it’s done