How’d It All Start? 
Cleaning and sanitizing has always come naturally to me. In 1996, the door was opened. I saw a need for a local professional home cleaning service with friendly caring people– a trusted service people could count on. With a background in retail management and a working mom myself, I realized that a place of employment needs to have a compassion for its employees and clients and the challenges
of balancing family and work schedules. 


After developing systems for efficient and thorough training, safety, and customer service; our company has grown. We screen, hire, and instruct local individuals. In 2008, we became a proud partner of the Cleaning For a Reason Foundation, donating our services to women who are in treatment for cancer. We are committed to being a leader in our industry and making a difference, one home at a time.


From the owner: Mary DeKlerk
Does clean and organized make us feel better? Could it be that a clean, uncluttered space actually lowers blood pressure and infuses a feeling of relief, relaxation, and health? Interesting. Think about it, have you seen how clutter attracts more clutter? Sheer mayhem!


You and your family are sure to feel better when your home is clutter free, surfaces are shining, and a good sanitizer has eliminated germs and viruses. It’s what makes us feel better. It’s healthy.


I love to clean. More than that, I love to see clean. I love to smell clean! I love the feeling of a clean hardwood floor beneath bare feet. A freshly vacuumed carpet is a thing of wonder. Clean is beautiful! That is why I do what I do. It makes us feel good; it makes us happy.


Our technicians are experienced in making surfaces clean and shining. It’s what we do and we’re good at it. Arrive home and feel good this week. Call for your free estimate!